Old DOS to Virtual Machine?

I have a friend that want's his aging system ported to new hardware.

This is a few old DOS base system, for spread sheet and accounting, which should have stopped working two years ago!

We re-build his old computers as multiple Virtual Machines on one really new PC and three monitors. But "Only one person can use any one of my old computers?", so we setup remote access to the virtual machines.

The Sound of Whoosh ...

The most awesome sound of wicked whoosh as deadlines shoot past, not! Sure, everybody has them. We all wish we could avoid them, but that is what is happening with the LeeNX web site.

Been hard at work for clients, fighting with internet services providers and making our way though the internet. Reading and crafting an awesome web site, or so that is what we hope.

Traffic is a nightmare, whether it's on the road or in the tubes. Downloads, updates and brand new software, which are like little Christmas gifts on the internet, waiting to be discovered.